Benefits of Using Intermodal Drayage

Benefits of Using Intermodal Drayage

May 11, 2020

Time is money—and the faster and more reliably you can ship goods domestically or internationally, the better your business and trade will be. That’s why intermodal drayage is such a boon to the shipping industry. It helps streamline the shipping process, even if you have to use different modes of transportation. Instead of using one carrier to handle the journey from beginning to end, you can save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint when you embrace the benefits of intermodal transportation in North Charleston, SC.

What is intermodal drayage?

Intermodal drayage is the practice of using different carriers for each leg of your shipment’s journey. For example, you could use multiple trucking and rail carriers across North America (although that may not be the fastest method) or a combination of road, rail, air and sea transportation to get your shipment to its final destination, whether domestic or international. Since everyone wants their shipments to arrive as soon as possible, intermodal drayage is helpful for companies who need to save time while also meeting shipping demands. Here are some of the benefits of using intermodal drayage in North Charleston, SC:

  • Save money: No matter where you need to ship your product, you’ll undoubtedly save more money by using intermodal drayage. You can pick the transportation that will get your goods there the fastest, and since you’re combining your transportation costs with other companies’, the price is significantly less expensive than doing it yourself or relying entirely on truck transport. When you think about the high cost of gas and maintenance for trucks as compared to the vast amount of freight a train can haul, it’s clear that intermodal can save you cash right off the bat.
  • Improve safety: Companies who need frequent hazmat shipping can rely on intermodal drayage for increased safety, thanks to a combination of rail and truck transportation—this approach results in fewer accidents than driving alone. It’s also a good way to prevent theft, because the fewer times your goods are handled, the less opportunity there is for anyone to interfere with the shipment.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Preserving and improving our environment is an important part of business. Intermodal drayage reduces the carbon footprint of a shipment drastically—especially when it comes to rail shipping. Moving a ton of freight by rail can reduce your emissions by up to 83 percent. This is due to the fact that trains can haul much more freight, from different companies, all at once. With climate change looming, everything we can do to reduce our carbon footprint helps.
  • Save time: Finally, thanks to the increased capacity of trains and cargo ships, you can shave quite a bit of time off your shipment than if you were relying on trucking alone.

All Points Transport is North Charleston’s expert in intermodal drayage and other shipping methods. No matter where you need your goods to go, we can help. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you reap the above intermodal drayage benefits in North Charleston, SC.

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