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What Happens To Containers Lost Overboard? How Long Do They Float?

June 1, 2022

Shipping containers lost at sea might sound like the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters, but it’s a very real problem. Thousands of containers are lost overboard every year due to storms, high winds, and rough seas. While most of these containers are recovered within a few days, some are never found. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what happens when containers are lost on the high seas. How Long Will a Shipping Container Float? It is difficult to determine how long a shipping container will float after being lost overboard. The time will depend on the container’s size and weight, the... View Article

The Impact of COVID-19 on Trade

April 27, 2020

As we all know, COVID-19 has had the biggest negative impact on our economy since the recession of 2008—and that includes causing issues in the international intermodal trucking industry. This unprecedented event has caused delays in and cancellations of shipments, renegotiations of tariffs and slowed international business communications regarding trade. In short, the virus has caused a massive slowdown in nearly every aspect of trade and business. Here’s a brief overview of COVID-19’s impact on international trade in North Charleston, SC and beyond: Postponed meetings and negotiations: Both international and domestic organizations, from the European Union to the World Trade... View Article

Why It’s Important to Know the Company Doing Your Overweight Hauling

July 18, 2019

Sometimes, you have a piece of freight or a load that’s simply too large for conventional trucking. It may be tempting, however, to let a typical trucking company handle the job. After all, they’re still professional freight experts, and they should be able to handle freight of any weight or size, right? In actuality, it’s important that you only work with a trusted company specializing in overweight hauling in North Charleston, SC whenever you’re dealing with an oversized trucking load. Overweight loads present a number of technical and logistical challenges that most trucking firms simply aren’t equipped to handle. Intermodal... View Article

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