Do I Need to Use Drayage Services?

Do I Need to Use Drayage Services?

June 29, 2020

For businesses in need of improved logistics, drayage may be one example of a service that could be of benefit to you, especially if you’re interested in exploring same-day shipping possibilities.

But how do you know when to use drayage services in North Charleston, SC? Here’s an overview of what you should know.

What exactly is drayage?

The drayage process involves moving your cargo over a short distance, typically in smaller shipments. It can, for example, be the process of transporting cargo and shipping containers from one point to another, transporting cargo by rail or using semi trucks to transport goods and small containers. The method of shipping doesn’t really matter—what’s important with drayage is the distance being covered. Any time you’re using drayage, the point is that the goods you need to move will not cover a long distance.

Drayage services are useful in that they allow companies to move their goods from one part of the city to another. They’re not designed for interstate or international shipping; usually this is shipping that can occur within a single shift.

Drayage services might also refer to pickup at a seaport or border. In this case, the term “drayage” will refer to the fee you must pay to have this pickup completed by a shipping professional.

It’s important to note that drayage can also be one small part of a much larger and more extensive shipping process. If you need to ship a container overseas, you will still need to have your container transported from your warehouse to a seaport for that overseas transport. That small chunk of the process is still referred to as drayage.

Types of drayage services

There are a variety of types of drayage services you can use to benefit your business in North Charleston, SC.

Intermodal drayage services are perhaps the most common and most important. This involves transferring goods from one place to a larger, more central transportation hub. It could involve picking up your products at a port or warehouse and ensuring they’re properly packed before getting them to their next destination.

Expedited drayage is another popular drayage service. This involves shipping and moving cargo that has very time-sensitive delivery needs, which is an important capability for companies that offer same-day shipping. You need to make sure the goods keep moving for them to arrive at their final destination on time.

Inter-carrier drayage involves transporting goods from one carrier to another. This service often goes along with expedited drayage as a way to keep those products moving efficiently.

Door-to-door drayage involves the goods being delivered directly to a customer rather than a store or warehouse. This provides some added convenience for your customer, who won’t have to go and pick up the goods at a store.

These are just a few examples of some of the most common types of drayage services and why they’re beneficial to companies like yours. For more information about our drayage services in North Charleston, SC, we encourage you to contact All Points Transport with your questions.

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