The Benefits of Using a Transportation Management Provider

The Benefits of Using a Transportation Management Provider

August 13, 2021

With the economy becoming more global, it’s now more important than ever to ship and receive products efficiently—and the rise of technology has made this process more streamlined than ever before. If your company is still using spreadsheets and fallible human knowledge to optimize your transportation efficiency, you should know that there’s a better way.

It’s called a transportation management provider or a transportation management system. A transportation management provider is a software system that helps map out and optimize logistics when it comes to companies transporting, shipping and receiving goods. Whether it’s HAZMAT shipping or receiving new products, a transportation management provider offers numerous benefits. Here’s an overview.

Saves money

When it comes to the intersection of businesses and efficiency, saving money is the main goal. A transportation management provider gives you the required information to let you decide whether your shipping and receiving operations are running smoothly or could be more streamlined.

Transportation management providers use analytics and other tools to make your warehouse and freight operations more efficient, saving you, your company and your customers money in the long run.

Provide superior customer service

Transportation management providers offer you a wealth of information. This includes, but is not limited to, delayed deliveries as well as any goods that were damaged upon delivery.

Having this information allows you to address those problems at their source and fix them, ensuring that your customers are satisfied in the future.

Real-time delivery tracking

You’re probably sensing a theme here, but the value of a transportation management provider is in the data it offers. This includes tracking shipments and drivers in real time as they go.

With this detailed information, you can decide which routes are most and least efficient or which drivers need to improve their performance.

Decreased paperwork

If you operate your warehouse the traditional way, you’ll need an army of employees to perform all the requisite paperwork. This means invoices, bills of lading, order forms, receipts and more.

This system is not only inefficient, because human beings are doing the work, it’s less accurate than a transportation management provider would be. Cut down on your employees’ paperwork, and use a more precise system like a transportation management provider.

Improved inventory management

Skillfully managing a warehouse’s inventory is not an easy assignment—even in the best conditions. During a pandemic that featured supply chain disruptions, it’s nothing short of a monumental undertaking! But a transportation management provider would make this task considerably easier because it’s able to process orders and shipments as they happen.

This cleans up the problem of having an overstocked or understocked warehouse, because the transportation management provider can predict what the inventory will look like and can integrate that data into the supply chain to seamlessly maintain its integrity.

Call to discuss your warehouse and shipping needs today

Shipping and receiving has become so much more than moving goods from one point to another. The advent of transportation management providers has turned shipping into a finely-tuned process that can be used to better serve customers and save the company money.

So if you need HAZMAT shipping or overweight hauling, give us a call at All Points Transport. We understand the importance of quality product transportation, and we’d love nothing more than to demonstrate that to you.

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