Why It's Important to Know the Company Doing Your Overweight Hauling

Why It’s Important to Know the Company Doing Your Overweight Hauling

July 18, 2019

Sometimes, you have a piece of freight or a load that’s simply too large for conventional trucking. It may be tempting, however, to let a typical trucking company handle the job. After all, they’re still professional freight experts, and they should be able to handle freight of any weight or size, right?

In actuality, it’s important that you only work with a trusted company specializing in overweight hauling in North Charleston, SC whenever you’re dealing with an oversized trucking load. Overweight loads present a number of technical and logistical challenges that most trucking firms simply aren’t equipped to handle. Intermodal freight experts, on the other hand, are capable of identifying multiple modalities to convey your freight from one point to another safely, quickly and affordably.

When hauling an overweight load, truckers need to obtain special permits that allow them to carry heavier amounts of weight. They may be required to avoid some roadways and bridges. Additionally, truckers carrying overweight loads need to stop for gas more frequently, so it’s important that they’re intimately familiar with the route and the frequency with which they’ll need to refuel while carrying an overweight load.

If you have an overweight load that you need hauled, you should work with a trusted contractor that specializes in overweight hauling in North Charleston, SC. There are a number of risks associated with contracting a regular trucking company or letting an in-house employee handle your overweight load, including the following:

  • Drivers could be arrested: Overweight hauling without the proper permits is a jail-worthy offense. Rather than delivering your freight, unskilled drivers without overweight hauling expertise may find themselves calling you asking to be bailed out.
  • Trucks may be held at weigh stations: You’ll likely need to secure both federal and state overweight permits to haul your overweight load. Without the right paperwork in place, there’s a chance that the truck may be held up at a weigh station. This could delay your delivery by days or even weeks.
  • There are potentially large fines: If you’re caught with an overweight load, particularly on a structure that isn’t designed to convey overweight vehicles, there are tens of thousands of dollars of fines potentially in play. You may think you’re saving money by keeping the job in-house, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • Freight and relationships could be damaged: If you’re working with a company that doesn’t specialize in overweight hauling, the likelihood that they’ll handle your freight correctly is low. This could damage the freight, the truck and your customer relationships.

Since 2005, All Points Transport has been a trusted provider of overweight hauling in North Charleston, SC. We’re proud to provide our clients with high-quality, fast and affordable intermodal transportation solutions. We specialize in both one-way and round-trip shipment of heavy loads and hazardous materials.

Regardless of the materials that you need to ship, you can count on the experts at All Points Transport to provide you with high-quality services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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