An Overview of Hazmat Shipping in North Charleston, SC

An Overview of Hazmat Shipping in North Charleston, SC

September 24, 2019

Do you plan to ship hazardous materials? For hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC, it’s essential to be familiar with all related regulations and follow all laws and safety protocols. This is the only way to ensure the best results for your shipment. It will help prevent disasters, injuries, fines and other mishaps.

Use the following tips to guide your practices for hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC. By establishing these best practices, you’ll be well on your way to optimal handling of hazardous materials.

Driver training

Any driver who is hired for hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC must be properly trained for this task. They must understand how to read the labeling, what precautions must be taken and the level of danger present in handling the freight.

Proper documentation

Hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC requires the proper documentation for drivers, equipment and shipments. All loads must be labeled, with appropriate descriptions and codes that indicate the level of toxicity and other hazardous properties. The right equipment must be used for transporting these materials, based on temperature, moisture, space and mobility restrictions.

Correct classification

A variety of items can be labeled “hazardous.” An understanding of what classifies as hazardous is important. These fall into several categories, which include explosive, flammable, oxidizing, gases, toxic, infectious, radioactive and corrosive.

Route selection

When completing hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC, it is essential to consider both the ultimate destination of the materials and the route that must be taken to get there. Keep in mind that some states, countries and routes have restrictions on what hazmat materials can be processed, loaded or delivered there. If a specific material is prohibited, it’s important to reroute the delivery through a different area, which may require a longer timeframe for delivery.

Safe storage

Will your hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC also involve storage of the materials? This is an important consideration. Proper conditions must be maintained at all times to ensure the safe storage of hazardous materials. As with transportation conditions, temperature, moisture, space and stability are important. Additionally, one must consider any other materials that will be stored near the hazmat products. Hazardous materials must never be stored near food supplies or water sources.

Reliable transport

Who will handle your hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC? It’s crucial to choose professionals who have experience with handling this type of shipment. Look for a company that has an established reputation in the industry as a reliable source of hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC. Confirm their training, certification and experience to ensure they can deliver the services you need for safe hazmat transport.

Partner with the pros

For safe, reliable hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC, contact the experts at All Points Transport. Established in 2005, All Points Transport has over 14 years of intermodal and containerized experience. We specialize in the one-way and round-trip inland movement of import and export containers, shipping products across the United States. Our specialties include over-dimensional transport, hazmat transport, refrigerated transport and more. Call us today to discover how we can meet your shipping needs.

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