Dealing with Road Weight Limits When Shipping Overweight Containers

Dealing with Road Weight Limits When Shipping Overweight Containers

March 2, 2020

Getting cargo from point A to point B is never easy, especially if it’s a big load! Overweight container shipping in North Charleston, SC brings a number of risks and challenges. Continue reading to learn more about these obstacles and how All Points Transport can help.

Dangers of overweight shipping

Overweight shipping is nothing to mess around with! You can expect any of the following consequences for improperly shipping overweight containers:

  • Hefty fines: Improperly shipping overweight items can lead to injuries, increase traffic congestion and even damage roadways. To try to avoid these consequences, officials can impose financial penalties for truckers carrying overweight containers.
  • Jail time: The government means business when it imposes weight restrictions. On top of fines, truck drivers could face some jail time if they’re caught transporting overweight containers without a proper permit.
  • Late delivery: Even if you’re able to avoid any legal troubles, using the wrong truck to ship an overweight container may result in a breakdown or other hold-ups. Any delays on the route will lead to late delivery and some unsatisfied customers.

Handling overweight loads

You can avoid any of the problems mentioned above with proper preparation. These are the steps to take if your load is overweight:

  • Know the rules: Before you even hit the road, understand the weight restrictions you’ll face along the way. Be sure your load is either under the limit or you have the right truck and permit for an overweight shipping job.
  • Expect additional charges: As we discussed above, overweight shipping requires special permitting to avoid any legal ramifications. These permits aren’t free, so factor that extra cost into your transportation bill.
  • Stripping and repacking: If you’re stopped for being overweight, you’ll need to take everything out of the container and repackage it. Another vehicle will need to transport any goods that can’t fit on the original truck. Again, this will cost extra, so be prepared for that.

Hire us for overweight shipping!

When it comes to overweight container shipping in North Charleston, SC, nobody is better than All Points Transport. Here are the reasons our customers choose us for all of their overweight hauling needs:

  • Seasoned drivers: Working with experienced pros makes everything easier when it comes to transporting overweight cargo. Our truck drivers have tons of experience driving big loads, ensuring your goods will safely get to their destination.
  • Reliable trucks and equipment: When you work with us, there’s no need to worry about breakdowns during overweight container transportation in North Charleston, SC. All of our heavy-duty trucks are well maintained and capable of handling big loads.
  • Proper permitting: There’s no need to worry about obtaining a permit when you work with us! We already have all the necessary paperwork, so you can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

The choice is clear next time you need overweight container transportation in North Charleston, SC—hire All Points Transport! Give us a call today to see what we can do for you and your business.

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