Truck Stops Still Open During COVID-19

Truck Stops Still Open During COVID-19

April 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought national attention to trucking and the supply chain, as well as increased concern for the drivers who are considered “essential” to the nation and the economy. As they work relentlessly to deliver goods across the country, their jobs are hindered by the shelter-in-place orders recommended to slow the virus’ spread.

One unexpected challenge has been finding truck stops open in each state during COVID-19, including in North Charleston, SC. While some states initially included them in their business closures, the trucking industry has pointed out that truck stops provide a vital service, and should be considered “essential businesses” in a time when most hotels are shuttered and restaurants have limited hours for takeout and delivery only.

Truck stops are still open, but with modifications

The three major truck stop chains, Pilot Flying J, Love’s and TA/Petro Stopping Centers, are all operating their businesses during the spread at COVID-19. Each company’s website has further information about which locations remain open and operational, as well as what services they continue to provide.

Pilot Flying J is offering fuel, showers and hot or prepackaged food during the pandemic, but their dining room areas are closed for social distancing purposes. Certain restaurants at unspecified locations will close during the overnight hours, but the company says that other food options will be available.

TA/Petro Stopping Centers are also offering showers and a full fuel line, but they have closed their fitness centers and driver’s lounges. Their full-service restaurant dining areas may be closed at this time, depending on individual state mandates, but they continue to offer other food options if sit-down dining is unavailable. The company also asks, if you have a TA/Petro refillable mug, that you refrain from using it at this time, for health purposes.

Love’s is also following local mandates regarding restaurants and food service. All self-serve areas of food service will now be manned by a staff member, effectively making them full-service. Their restaurant hours are modified, too—in locations with three restaurants, one of them will close; all restaurants will have new hours that allow for overnight closures. They will continue to offer takeout and drive-through food service. Love’s encourages professional truck drivers to utilize their mobile app, which allows for fuel payment, arranging showers and more from your phone.

Because the spread and extent of the pandemic changes daily, if not hourly, it’s wise to check each company’s website before counting on them being open or offering particular services. Search for open rest stops by state based on where your route will take you. Each company has reaffirmed its commitment to hygiene and cleanliness, and may implement more sanitization measures in the days to come. As for fuel rationing, there has not been a need yet—but again, checking their websites is the key to being prepared.

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