Tips for Choosing Export Buyers

Tips for Choosing Export Buyers

June 13, 2020

When you start out exporting goods to another country, it tends to be far more complex than setting up shop in your home country. Dealing with foreign agencies and myriad regulations is time-consuming, but finding buyers may be one of the biggest challenges of all. Luckily, technology helps make the process easier. Here’s an overview of what to consider when choosing an export distributor in North Charleston, SC:

  • Buying agents: Your local foreign embassy is a good place to start looking for buying agents. These agents are part of foreign agencies, and proactively look for exporters to help them bring the right products back to their country. Whether you go through the embassy, your own internet search or the country’s agency website, be sure that you’re working with a licensed professional who is allowed to perform this job—otherwise, you could run into some costly problems.
  • Foreign agencies: Foreign agencies are either run or sponsored by their country or state, and typically import products in bulk. When you find a country that would be suitable for your commodity, call their agency in your area and ask about whether they have an agency interested in your goods. Be sure that you have specific information about your products or goods, as their guidance will depend on what you’re exporting and what kind of regulations their country has in place for that commodity.
  • Commission agents: Foreign commission agents are third parties hired by foreign wholesalers to find the right products and work with exporters to send them to other countries. Generally, working with a locally-based commission agent will be easier and more convenient—this is another area where you can ask the embassy if they have any leads.
  • Individual salespeople: Like buying agents, individual salespeople work on your behalf to find foreign wholesalers and importers who want to buy your product. This is a great way to save time while proactively sending someone out to shop your work around.
  • Foreign wholesalers: Finally, you can work with foreign wholesalers directly to export your goods. These privately-owned companies are better equipped to handle the paperwork and other red tape associated with exporting to other countries, and they’ll handle finding buyers for your goods, too. In many cases, they’re quicker than working with state-controlled agencies or agents.

If you’re still having trouble deciding where to start or with whom you want to work, never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Ask other experts in your industry how they choose to find buyers. You can also attend trade shows designed to showcase products or introduce exporters to foreign buyers. These shows tend to generate leads, which you can compile with your network’s recommendations and narrow down your search.

Every type of buyer will have advantages and drawbacks, so do your research and be open to trying something different than your initial plans.

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