The Evolution of Drayage Technology

The Evolution of Drayage Technology

August 14, 2020

In an increasingly global society, we have to adjust our transportation and freight hauling methods to adapt to consumer needs. One major part of this trend is the relationship between drayage and technology in North Charleston, SC.

As anyone who has eagerly awaited a package delivery knows, shipping consumer goods needs to not only be reliable and affordable, but it should be fast, transparent and convenient for the shipper as well as the people receiving the goods.

Luckily, one advantage of the 21st century is that our technological capabilities make transparent drayage service easier than before.

What is drayage?

If you’re new to the transportation industry, here’s a quick overview of drayage. Drayage service is part of intermodal transportation (shipping goods in a variety of ways, such as train-to-truck hauling). Drayage services are specialized shipping providers who haul freight over short distances, such as moving containers from rail cars to truck beds.  They are often located near major transportation hubs, including ports, rail terminals and warehouses, and ship around one metropolitan area.

The future of drayage technology

Technology is improving drayage service with opportunities for better communication and data tracking. Some major companies, like J.B. Hunt, have long used drayage technology, while others are still catching up to the opportunities available.

To that end, third-party logistics companies are developing drayage technology that helps provide real-time tracking and offers the opportunity for drivers and consumers to enter feedback. They allow companies to calculate the cost of shipping straight from their user interface while receiving tracking status and feedback via email.

Some of the software available can also predict how big a customer base will be, match imports with exports and automate a great deal of regular processes. Using artificial intelligence to predict these trends helps companies take advantage of their most profitable clients and routes.

Experts in the intermodal shipping industry encourage shipping providers to get on board with the new technology. Harnessing this powerful AI for use in smart containers and other approaches in North Charleston, SC can go a long way toward making clients happy, and companies that refuse to upgrade are doomed to be left behind.

Other drayage trends

Technology isn’t the only area in which drayage services are seeing changes. The rise of e-commerce has been steady since the late 1990s and shows no signs of stopping, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This increased need for shipping services puts drayage in even higher demand—and companies without the appropriate technology are struggling to keep up.

Increased urbanization is also affecting the industry, creating new towns, transportation hubs, new roads and therefore new routes.

Ultimately, there will come a point where every company will need to get on board with the evolution of drayage technology in North Charleston, SC, or risk becoming so obsolete that no clients will want to work with them.

For fast, reliable and professional drayage service in North Charleston, SC, All Points Transport has you covered. Contact us today to learn more—we look forward to working with you soon!

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