What's Required in Refrigerated Shipping?

What’s Required in Refrigerated Shipping?

September 30, 2020

Every day, companies large and small ship goods across the United States. Of course, as any business owner will tell you, all products are not created the same. Some require extra care during the shipping process. For those companies that need to ship fresh produce, dairy products or frozen food to expectant clients across the country and around the world, ensuring secure, refrigerated shipping in North Charleston, SC is critical. After all, no one will be coming back to a company that delivers supposedly frozen items that arrive as a mushy, spoiled mess.

So, for anyone who relies on refrigerated shipping, here are some things to know.

Look for a specialist

Regardless of the volume of what you’ll be shipping, you should never put your product in the hands of a company with no prior experience with the intricacies of refrigerated shipping in North Charleston, SC. Ensuring a product remains frozen during its long journey can be a challenging process. That’s why you’ll need a company with the experience to clear those hurdles with ease.

Know the rules

Depending on what kind of refrigerated goods you’re shipping, they could be subject to specific rules and regulations from local and federal agencies like the Food & Drug Administration. Before you put anything in a box, make sure that you understand what legal requirements your products may be subject to. If you have any further questions, the odds are good that your shipper will be able to educate you on the specifics.

Think about your insulation (a lot)

Easily the most important thing to spend your time obsessing over when it comes to refrigerated shipments is the type and thickness of insulation you’ll require for your packaging. Depending on the distance the shipment will cover and the temperature of the environments you’ll be working in, you’ll need different thicknesses of insulation.

Given the intensity of the heat and humidity in South Carolina, it’s a good idea to ensure that any refrigerated shipments are housed in boxes with foam walls about 1.5 inches thick.

Choose your coolant

There are two primary options when picking coolant: dry ice and gel packs. Recent innovations have made gel packs the preferred choice for companies that ship refrigerated foods like dairy products and produce. That said, for any company that’s sending a product that absolutely must stay frozen, there’s no better option than good old-fashioned dry ice.

Go with the reliable team

When you’re in need of high-quality refrigerated hauling in North Charleston, SC, come to All Points Transport. For over a decade, we’ve provided clients throughout the extended area with a massive selection of services, including cargo and equipment shipping, exports, HAZMAT transportation, intermodal shipping and more!

When it comes to shipping, All Points Transport has established a reputation for handling the various shipping requirements for commercial and industrial clients alike. It doesn’t matter what you’re transporting or where it needs to go—All Points Transport can make it happen. Give us a call today to find out more.

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