How to Comply with Federal Hazardous Material Regulations

How to Comply with Federal Hazardous Material Regulations

October 14, 2020

To the average observer who hears the term “hazardous materials,” their brain immediately conjures up bubbling vats of green toxic waste. That is technically not wrong. However, when it comes to shipping products, the definition of hazardous materials becomes somewhat more expansive. The official definition is “articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment; are listed or classified in the regulations; and are transported in commerce.”

In other words, companies large and small are shipping hazardous materials if they transport specific battery-powered equipment, flammable liquids, aerosols, nail polish, anything with dry ice, biological specimens, first-aid kits and any of a massive number of other goods. When that’s the case, you’re subject to a whole new level of federal scrutiny when you’re shipping your products across the country.

Fortunately, there’s help. With the right forethought and some help from smart containers in North Charleston, SC, you can turn your HAZMAT shipping into a breeze.

Consult the HAZMAT table

When you’re first shipping your hazardous materials, you should start by consulting the federal Hazardous Materials Table. This handy guide will instruct you on the proper packaging steps. It will also tell you the correct label codes and packaging descriptions to include.

It’s okay to over-prepare

Regardless of what kind of HAZMAT you’re planning to transport, the smart choice is to over-prepare. Before you even buy the boxes, it’s a good idea to consult your carrier and ask if they have ideas or previous experience transporting the kind of HAZMAT you’ll be sending out.

Follow the instructions

In some cases, you’ll be asked to contain your product or materials in performance packaging. This specialized material can be shipped to you from manufacturers and assembled on-site. If your product requires performance packaging, don’t wing it—closely follow the assembly and packaging instructions provided to ensure your HAZMAT remains securely protected during transport.

Go state of the art

For those people with sensitive materials, there’s the worry that something may go wrong in transit. That’s when it’s crucial to choose a carrier that uses smart containers in North Charleston, SC. These innovative means of tracking shipments allow you and your carrier to know precisely where your products are at any given moment. It’s the ultimate in peace of mind.

Your helping hand

Confused yet? Don’t worry about the labyrinthine world of HAZMAT shipping. Instead, work with All Points Transport. We use various state-of-the-art techniques, including smart containers in North Charleston, SC, to ensure your goods get where they need to go without running into trouble.

For more than 15 years, All Points Transport has worked diligently to provide efficient and effective transportation services to clients both large and small. When you need drayage shipping, cargo shipping, exportation, refrigerated shipping, intermodal shipping and more, you can rely on our highly-motivated team of professionals. All it takes is one call to make sure your shipping woes are a thing of the past. Call today to arrange a consultation!

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