How COVID-19 Impacts the Transporting of HAZMAT

How COVID-19 Impacts the Transporting of HAZMAT

December 15, 2020

From staying up to date with the latest methods to ensuring compliance with all materials, shipping HAZMAT in North Charleston, SC has never been easy. Now, with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe, that shipping process has become increasingly difficult.

Thankfully, All Points Transport has been in the industry for decades. While we weren’t quite expecting a pandemic to break out, we are capable of handling and responding to any challenge. This post will cover how we’ve updated our methods to ensure a safe and efficient shipping process:

  • Clear documentation: HAZMAT shipping has always required precise documentation for each item that’s on board. Each item must include a bill of landing, hazardous waste manifest and a description of the material being transported. In the age of COVID-19, following these rules is more important than ever.
  • Digitized proof of delivery: Drayage and technology in North Charleston, SC is playing a crucial role in improving the efficiency and safety of HAZMAT shipping these days. By effectively tracking each HAZMAT material’s location from pickup to delivery, companies can rest easy knowing their goods are safe.
  • Open communication: Clear lines of communication are essential in every industry, but maintaining open communication is especially important with HAZMAT shipping amid a pandemic. Collaboration between manufacturers, carriers and shippers keeps the supply chain moving and helps ensure the safety of all goods and employees.
  • Knowledgeable employees: Everyone working with hazardous materials needs to be aware of what’s in their cargo at all times. This circles back to the open communication policy mentioned above, but business owners are also responsible for proper training of all their employees. Ensuring everyone’s on the same page helps keep everyone safe!

What to look for in a HAZMAT shipping partner

It’s important to note that not all HAZMAT shipping companies are created equal. Here are a few things to look for in a quality company:

  • Full HAZMAT compliance: Hazardous materials fall into one of nine categories. When searching for a HAZMAT shipping partner, ensure the company in question is qualified to handle all nine types of hazardous materials. Whether you’re shipping class three flammable liquids or class six toxic chemicals, All Points Transport can help.
  • Proof of capability and certification: Don’t just take the company’s word for it that they’re certified in HAZMAT shipping—be sure to check their credentials. Just ask, and we’ll produce all the necessary documentation that proves we’re capable of safe HAZMAT shipping.
  • Industry experience: On-the-job experience is everything when it comes to HAZMAT shipping. Be sure your chosen partner has robust experience transporting and handling hazardous materials! If they don’t, you could be putting your cargo and other humans at risk.

Hire All Points Transport for HAZMAT shipping

Although COVID-19 in North Charleston, SC has altered our daily operations, All Points Transport is still prepared to be the go-to company for all of your shipping needs. From shipping hazardous products to general retail goods, we have you covered no matter where your cargo needs to go.

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