The Effects of Coronavirus on the Supply Chain: What You Should Expect

The Effects of Coronavirus on the Supply Chain: What You Should Expect

December 1, 2020

Whether you’ve gotten sick yourself or you’ve just had trouble buying toilet paper at the grocery store, COVID-19 has taken a toll on us all here in North Charleston, SC. Stories about coronavirus are all over the news, but one thing that doesn’t get covered very much is its effects on the global supply chain.

This post will cover what you need to know about COVID-19’s effects on the supply chain and what you should expect in the months to come.

Manufacturing decline

It’s no surprise that many of the products Americans use and consume are manufactured in China, where the coronavirus originated. For months, all sorts of plants in China were shut down as part of a country-wide lockdown. While this did wonders to stop the spread of the virus, it also caused a major hiccup in the supply chain.

The effects of the manufacturing slowdown were felt in all sorts of products, from video game consoles and laptops to pharmaceuticals and luxury fashion items. While manufacturing plants are opening back up, experts say we could see the effects of the backlog for months to come.

Slower shipping times

On top of halting production, the coronavirus has slowed down shipping times for many items in North Charleston, SC and worldwide. This is partially due to the overwhelming influx of items that need to be delivered and the fact that many companies are shorthanded due to layoffs.

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Port congestion

The lockdown in North Charleston, SC has taken a major toll on the overseas shipping industry. There are stories of cargo ships waiting at sea for days or even weeks to get into a port. Backups caused by an influx of goods and troubles getting containers back to the ports mean the cargo ships must wait at sea for their turn to deliver their cargo.

The delay at the ports is also felt inland. Trains and trucks that were supposed to continue carrying the cargo must wait around for the goods to be offloaded from ships.

Enhanced safety measures

The good news is that shipping companies are being more cautious with the handling of goods these days. The bad news is that these extra safety measures have slowed down transit times for all sorts of different items. What used to take a few days for delivery might now take a week or longer because companies are taking extra steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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