What Is Refrigerated Transportation, and How Is It Changing the World Around Us?

What Is Refrigerated Transportation, and How Is It Changing the World Around Us?

May 5, 2021

Refrigerated shipping has come a long way since the 19th century, when the best the shipping world could offer was having ice and salt placed underneath sensitive cargo in train cars. Technology and communication have improved the world of refrigerated transportation greatly in the past 200 years, and these improvements have changed the entire world.

Here are some facts about refrigerated shipping in North Charleston, SC and some impacts that the industry has had on the supply chain.

Increased supply of perishable products

As refrigerated trucks become more common in North Charleston, SC and around the world, the availability of perishable goods increases. For example, refrigerated trucks keep foods like produce, meat and dairy from spoiling before reaching their destination and allow them to last longer on the shelf when they arrive.

This leads to a wider variety of foods being available around the world. Not only does this apply to exotic vegetables and fruits but to domestic produce that may be out of season locally. It also allows for meat and dairy to be stored for longer periods of time and reach more rural areas that might not have had regular access to fresh perishables like this in the past.

It’s not just food, though. Refrigerated shipping in North Charleston, SC and beyond is used for the transportation of other life-giving products, like medical supplies and medicines. In fact, this process has allowed for the distribution of two of the main COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States, as they are required to be kept at a very low temperature until they’re ready to be used.

The same goes for some types of personal care products and chemicals. There are many types of industrial chemicals that need to be kept at low temperature; makeup and lipstick, for example, also must be kept below a certain temperature to prevent product spoilage.

Increased demand for perishable products

In many economic scenarios, an increase in availability leads to an increase in demand. This is especially true when it comes to necessary resources like food and medicines. With this increased availability, over time we’ve come to expect certain items to be available at a moment’s notice.

For example, if a restaurant needs salmon for a special dinner, all that’s required is a call to the local seafood warehouse to choose from a selection of salmon, much of it sourced from thousands of miles away. This is only possible thanks to refrigerated shipping.

The numbers tell a similar story. The refrigerated transportation market in North America is expected to grow between now and 2025, and estimates state 3.25 billion tons of product will use refrigerated shipping by 2022. The need for refrigerated transport is very much on the rise.

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