June 30, 2021

If you’re shipping materials, it’s important to know whether or not they are hazardous. HAZMAT (hazardous materials) shipping requires special procedures, so it is crucial to properly identify any hazardous materials and handle them appropriately.

HAZMAT regulations

HAZMAT regulations require the following special treatment of hazardous materials to reduce safety risks. Taking these steps helps protect workers, the public and first responders from the dangers of hazardous materials:

  • Proper classification
  • Appropriate packaging
  • Clear labeling
  • Careful handling
  • Safe stowing
  • Suitable transportation

Common types of HAZMAT

Following are some of the most common hazardous materials that require HAZMAT shipping. If you need to ship any of these substances, be sure to follow appropriate procedures for the shipping of hazardous materials:

  • Aerosol sprays: This could be hairspray, spray paint or a variety of household cleaners.
  • Alcohols: These can include high-proof liquor as well as rubbing alcohols.
  • Ammo: Gunpowder and other ammunition are always considered hazardous materials for shipping.
  • Bleaches: Due to their chemical makeup, bleaches must be handled as hazardous materials.
  • Electronics: If a device contains a lithium battery, such as a laptop or cell phone, it requires HAZMAT shipping procedures.
  • Fireworks: These include both novelty and consumer fireworks.
  • Fuels: If you need to ship propane, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel or other fuels, always use HAZMAT shipping procedures.
  • Paints: Paint products, including paint, paint thinners and paint removers, are considered hazardous materials.
  • Pest control: Products used for pest control, such as insecticides, are made up of potential hazardous materials and must be handled as such.
  • Wood treatment: Products used for staining and sealing wood are considered hazardous materials.


Keep in mind that the list above is not comprehensive. Before shipping any product, always check the label to see if it is considered hazardous. If you’re not sure if the item you need to ship is considered a hazardous material, you can check with your local transportation experts to see how it should be handled. These professionals will instruct you on how to properly ship your items and can help you get your products safely from point A to point B.

Your role

Remember, the Department of Transportation puts the responsibility on your shoulders to appropriately communicate the hazards of any materials you ship. You must adhere to all regulations to avoid fines and other penalties regarding hazardous materials. To avoid any mishaps, always consult with an expert transportation company. Experienced in these matters, your local transportation professionals can make sure your shipping methods follow all regulations.

We handle HAZMAT

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