Seven Things to Avoid When Shipping Hazardous Materials

Seven Things to Avoid When Shipping Hazardous Materials

June 15, 2021

Although the goods are still loaded into a semi truck and driven to their destination, hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC is far different from shipping regular goods. One slip-up in loading, unloading or transporting hazardous materials can lead to hefty fines, property damage, injuries or even death.

As experts in shipping and handling hazardous materials, we put together this post of things not to do when dealing with hazardous goods.

Failing to properly label and declare goods

All hazmat goods must be properly labeled on their packaging with the appropriate placards on the rear of the semi trucks. Additionally, they must be declared with an official shipper’s declaration form. Failing to label or declare hazardous materials can result in injuries to both civilians and employees, as well as legal trouble.

Not accounting for differences in transportation modes

Shipping and packaging laws and regulations vary between transportation modes. For example, shipping standards for ground transit are different than they are for air transportation. Ensure you’re following all regulations before hazardous material handling in North Charleston, SC to avoid legal trouble.

Lack of familiarity with specific regulations

Speaking of regulations, all employees should know the laws for handling and shipping hazardous materials. The Department of Transportation (DOT) isn’t afraid to impose hefty fines on companies that aren’t following the rules. After all, these regulations are for everyone’s safety.

Assuming that goods aren’t classified as hazardous

Along with knowing regulations for each hazardous item being shipped, it’s vital to know what actually classifies as hazardous. Along with obvious things like flammable liquids, lithium-ion batteries and medical supplies can also be classified under hazmat shipping in North Charleston, SC, so be sure to do your research to avoid a fine from the DOT.

Letting untrained employees handle hazardous materials

Employee training is everything when it comes to handling hazardous materials. An untrained or inexperienced handler or driver could cause serious injuries to themselves or their co-workers. In addition to thorough training, ensure every employee has supervised, on-the-job experience before they’re allowed to start handling hazardous materials on their own.

Not following the packaging manufacturer’s instructions

Thankfully, handling and shipping hazardous goods isn’t a guessing game; hazmat manufacturers should be putting precise instructions on how to handle and ship their products on the packaging. If you can’t find these instructions, reach out to the manufacturer before working with their products.

Thinking mistakes will be overlooked

We know that everyone makes mistakes, but when handling hazardous materials, keep those errors to a minimum! Any handlers or drivers that slip up need to be reminded of the severity of the situation. Let them know that just one mistake can lead to death.

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