How a Good HAZMAT Shipping System Can Help You Avoid Holiday Shipping Issues

How a Good HAZMAT Shipping System Can Help You Avoid Holiday Shipping Issues

November 5, 2021

The holidays can be a nightmare for retailers who need to deliver products to customers under a tight deadline. One thing that makes holiday shipping even harder is when you’re shipping hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

There are nine classifications of HAZMAT shipping, all of which require special procedures. Shippers who fail to follow U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) protocols can face steep fines or jail time. Worst of all, breaking the rules can result in deadly accidents for anyone near the hazardous items.

Keep reading to learn more about HAZMAT shipping, so you can avoid harming others or getting in hot water with the DOT.

What products qualify as HAZMAT?

Some products, like explosives, obviously require HAZMAT shipping; however, the nine HAZMAT classes extend far beyond explosives and other goods that we might consider dangerous.

These are some of the common holiday goods that require HAZMAT shipping:

  • Camping gear: Outdoor supply retailers must be careful when they’re shipping camping equipment. Items like cooking stoves, cooking fuel, fire-starting pastes, lighters, matches and batteries all need HAZMAT shipping. The HAZMAT class for camping equipment depends on what’s being shipped, but just be clear with the rules before boxing everything up.
  • Computer equipment: New computer equipment is an exciting gift for anyone who loves technology, but you must be careful when sending this as a holiday present. Everything from the magnets in speakers to printing ink has HAZMAT implications.
  • Lawn equipment: A new lawn mower or weed eater can be a great gift for a father or anyone who’s passionate about their lawn. But a lot of this lawn equipment falls under HAZMAT shipping due to batteries or fuel.
  • Batteries: A variety of batteries can be classified as HAZMAT items. If you’re sending a children’s toy that comes with batteries, ensure that it doesn’t contain lithium batteries, which are a Class 9 HAZMAT product.
  • Cosmetics: Makeup seems innocuous enough, but these goods are actually Class 2 HAZMAT items because they may contain flammable liquids. Avoid any holiday shipping hazards by labeling cosmetics as HAZMAT items.
  • Perfume: Most women will be delighted to find a bottle of perfume when they open their holiday present—but be sure to ship it as a HAZMAT item because perfume is another product that’s a Class 2 HAZMAT item.
  • Alcohol: A bottle of high-end alcohol is a common holiday gift given to friends. But if you’re shipping that bottle somewhere, beware that alcohol is a Class 3 HAZMAT product because it is a flammable liquid.
  • Cleaning supplies: If you give cleaning supplies as a present, you may need to think twice about your gift-giving skills. However, many people don’t realize that household cleaners are Class 2 HAZMAT items! Ensure your boxes are properly labeled as such.

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