7 Advantages of Freight Consolidation

7 Advantages of Freight Consolidation

April 26, 2022

Land and water shipping are the backbone of the global economy. As a shipping company or a company that relies on shipping, you should consider adopting freight consolidation to stay competitive in the current business environment. 

What Is Freight Consolidation? 

Freight consolidation encompasses bundling several small shipments going to the same destination into a single truck, container or ship so that they can be shipped together. This cargo consolidation is beneficial to both the shipper and the customer receiving the goods. What are the advantages of freight consolidation? 

  • Massive shipping costs saving

Some shipment costs like fuel coverage, the scheduling, the driver’s or crew’s cost, and the fuel surcharge remain the same whether you are moving your cargo on half a container or ship or a full one. Therefore, embracing freight consolidation means that you can share such shipment costs with other shippers sending their cargo to the same destination on the same container or ship. 

  • Improved cargo safety

There are always safety concerns when you ship products. However, freight consolidation can minimize the safety risks involved with your shipment as you can go for a more experienced shipper who charges more, placing your cargo in safer hands. This is because the overall cost will be less than solo shipping. 

  • Better management of the shipping process

Utilizing freight consolidation allows for better management of the shipping process. This is because you and the logistics services provider you will be using will clearly divide duties, and each will have an excellent understanding of their obligations. This will make the logistics and shipping process much smoother.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Since you will have a more experienced shipper handling the cargo, the cargo will reach the customer faster and in top-notch condition. This will boost customer satisfaction with your services, and they will likely keep their business with you. 

  • Increased consistency

As your clients will be continuing their business with you, you can better understand their ordering patterns and better incorporate them into your freight consolidation plan. This means you can maintain a more consistent shipping schedule.

  • Improve your customer & carrier relationships

The excellent services you will be offering your clients will allow you to build better client relations. Additionally, you will improve your carrier relations, which means your clients will receive even better services. 

  • Better flexibility and time management

By using freight consolidation, you will have better flexibility in meeting your changing shipping needs, and you will be able to time your orders more appropriately. Thus, you won’t have to deal with long wait times when transporting small loads. 

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