Beyond Boxes and Pallets: 10 Other Ways to Move Freight

Beyond Boxes and Pallets: 10 Other Ways to Move Freight

August 15, 2022

Pallets are a useful way to move freight from one location to another. However, many people don’t realize that pallets are not your only option. There are actually several efficient ways to move freight. This quick guide will introduce you to 10 great ways to move freight, other than pallets.


Gaylords get their name from the first company to ever use them for freight movement. Gaylords are sturdy corrugated boxes. Sometimes these are referred to as pallet boxes, bulk boxes, or skid boxes. Gaylords will often have between 2 and 5 walls. These are intended to be single-use containers. Gaylords can hold between 500 and 5,000 pounds each.

Metal Bins

Metal bins are multi-use containers that can be used over and over for different types of freight. Metal bins are often used in industrial settings. They are used for larger or irregularly shaped items. These are useful when shipping metal or sharp objects.

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are useful shipping containers that can sometimes be found in collapsible versions. This is helpful for storage when not in use. They are useful for moving bulky items as they can hold up to 6,000 pounds. Wire baskets are also stackable.

Stack Racks

A stack rack features a flat metal base with upright posts in each of the four corners. These are good for moving bulky, irregularly shaped items.

Bulk Storage Bags

Although bags are not often thought of when moving freight, bulk storage bags can be useful for certain types of items. These are good for moving grains, powders, or large quantities of small items.

Wooden Crates

Wooden shipping crates are a great freight option as they are sturdy and strong, and can often endure the abuse of long-distance travel. These can be used for both fragile and bulky items.

IBC Totes

IBC stands for intermediate bulk container. These containers can be used for moving liquids, grains, granular material, food, or hazardous material. IBCs are stackable for easy storage and can be used for dangerous liquids, such as explosives.


Totes are sturdy plastic containers often used for food. They are useful in warehouses for order picking. Totes are nestable and are convenient for storage.


Storage drums can be made of fiber, plastic, or metal. These are often useful for storing or transporting liquids. Drums can come in food-grade material, meaning they can be used safely to store or transport food.


A-frames are used for shipping extremely heavy materials, such as granite, quartz, or marble. An A-frame will stabilize the material, ensuring there are no cracks or damage. A-frames are often used for short-distance travel. It is vital that large, heavy materials such as stone slabs are moved carefully and slowly. An A-frame will help with this.

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