The Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Businesses

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Businesses

November 3, 2022

Whether you run a business with a large fleet or a small fleet of vehicles, you and your business can benefit from GPS tracking. A fleet tracking system is ideal for business owners who want to manage their fleet, be up-to-date with the condition of each vehicle in the fleet, be cognizant of how drivers drive on the road, track where the vehicles are at all times, and/or simply move items from one location to another.

A GPS tracking system will allow you to track and trace all vehicles in your fleet, regardless of their remote location, weather or road conditions, or the time of day.

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Businesses

Increase driver safety

Driver safety can be increased through the GPS monitoring system. Some systems are able to collect additional real-time data such as harsh driving conditions. For example, if drivers suddenly brake, swerve quickly, or stop abruptly, this information can be transferred to you in real time.

This allows you to monitor the driving ability and behavior of drivers and allows you to address bad driving behavior, which may result in an accident or damage to company property. Management is able to continuously train and coach drivers to improve driving behavior, and thus, improve driver safety.

Optimized routes

GPS monitoring allows you to view driver locations and select the driver closest to a job site to go to the job site as opposed to selecting a driver that is further away. This results in decreased mileage and decreased travel expenditure. Your fleet will be more controlled and much more efficient.

After a driver has completed a route, analysis can be done to evaluate if a shorter route is possible and if such a shorter route may be implemented in the future.

Real-time location tracking

The most obvious benefit is that you are able to monitor every single vehicle in your fleet in real time. You know exactly where every vehicle is, which route every vehicle is on, and which vehicles could cut down on mileage and take shorter routes to get to their destination.

You will know exactly where your vehicles are going at all times and if the vehicles are on different paths than they ought to be on.

Decrease fuel costs

Some GPS tracking systems offer features that allow you to monitor idle times and establish ways to reduce your idle times as long waiting periods result in wasted time and extra expenditure on gas by monitoring exactly how your fuel is being used.

Avoid hours of service violations

Employers are obligated by law to track Hours of Service (HOS). Some GPS tracking systems allow you to be updated on drivers’ hours on the road, rest times, and how many hours the drivers have left in their driving period.

Instant messaging informs drivers of rest periods and when to pull off the road. This convenient feature helps to prevent hours of service violations and further protects drivers against driving when they are overtired.

Communicate accurate ETAs with customers

It’s important to keep clients informed with accurate ETAs. Certain tracking systems allow you to streamline communications regarding their delivery by allowing the client to view the real-time locations of the delivery driver so they are prepared when the delivery arrives.

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