Why You Should Use Local Port Drayage

Why You Should Use Local Port Drayage

January 18, 2023

Why Should I use Local Drayage? There are plenty of benefits of local drayage and advantages of local drayage services that make it an ideal choice. 

When you’re moving freight and goods from the ocean port to loading docks, the short space between the port to its destination is as important as the other legs of the journey. When you use local port drayage, you don’t just benefit your business – you benefit the community where it operates, as well. If you want to learn more about how using local drayage can help you improve your business, read more in the article below.

What is drayage?

Essentially, the term “drayage” refers to a mode of trucking that transports goods and freight from one mode of transportation to another. Sometimes, companies use drayage to transport goods from air carriers to their final destination. In other cases, they may use drayage if they have goods coming in through ocean ports. No matter where the shipment starts, drayage plays an important part in where it ends up and how efficiently it arrives at its final destination before it reaches your customers or other clients.

Benefits of local drayage

Like all local business help, going with local drayage has plenty of benefits. To start, when you choose to enlist a local drayage company to get your goods from the air or seaport to the loading dock of your business, you form partnerships in your community that can help the local economy and bolster community relationships.

As with most parts of business, when you choose a local drayage company, you also tend to cut down on your expenses. This allows your profits to go further and benefits your bottom line. The decision to go with local drayage over a company further away is frequently influenced by the pricing of the services. Depending on your local drayage options, you may save money on rentals for containers, chassis, and more.

Another huge perk of local drayage is its efficiency. When you use these services locally, you will be able to decrease the amount of time your freight is sitting idle in ports and other loading areas. This means that you can get your products or other shipments to where they need to be quickly. You’ll also be able to use them much quicker than if you waited for longer distance transportation to arrive. What’s more, you will avoid holding up traffic and causing other disturbances in your community when you opt for local drayage.

Advantages of local drayage services

In addition to their many benefits, local drayage services have some key advantages to offer business owners. Beyond the financial advantage that these services bring to the table, they also give users peace of mind and security. Since freight handlers operate under increasing federal drayage safety regulations and receive plenty of training in protecting and handling inventory, you can trust local drayage services.


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