Signs It's Time To Switch Freight Carriers

Signs It’s Time To Switch Freight Carriers

April 27, 2023

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Whether you are a large company shipping hundreds of shipments a year or a small startup shippers once a month, your supply chain depends on reliable freight and logistics services. While building important long-term relationships with your carriers is essential to maintaining a strong network, sometimes it can be beneficial to switch providers.

Lack Of Communication

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where a company and its movers and shakers aren’t in close quarters, especially if you have a supply chain that spans the globe. Nevertheless, it’s not unheard of to experience a fair share of stress. The good news is that if you’re in the know about your business, you can mitigate the aforementioned tumult to a large extent. Among the many perks of this close quarters, one stands out above all others, and that is communication. The right kind of communication can lead to big gains and a happier work force. The best way to achieve this symphony is to enlist the help of an experienced and unbiased logistics consultant.

Poor Customer Service

One of the most common signs of poor customer service is when staff are rude or do not respond to questions or concerns in a timely manner. This is often due to a lack of training or a poor hiring policy, which is why businesses need to put a lot of emphasis on employee training and policies. Another sign of bad customer service is when customers have to wait long periods of time to talk to a support agent. This can be frustrating for both the customer and the business. The best way to avoid this problem is by offering callbacks, which allow customers to request a call at a convenient time and for their queries to be answered by an agent when they are available. This also helps to eliminate long wait times, ensuring that customers can get their issues resolved quickly.

Damaged Freight

Damaged freight can cause significant losses for your business, including hurting customer relationships and reducing long-term profits. In addition, damaged freight can also lead to increased insurance rates that affect your overall shipping costs. If you receive a shipment that is damaged or short of its original shipping volume, it is important to document the damages as soon as possible. This will help your case when it comes time to file a claim. Almost all carriers do not automatically file damaged freight claims. However, a properly annotated bill of lading (BOL) is regularly used as proof of delivery and condition, so be sure to fill it out and contact the carrier’s claims department for additional paperwork.

Poor Pricing

Taking the time to look at the price per pound, weight and distance traveled for a specific shipment is always a good idea. At the same time, being able to quickly compare competing quotes from multiple service providers is a must. The most important tip of the day is to be proactive in your search for a top notch freight carrier, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! The more you know, the easier your decision making process will be.

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